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  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Serves: 4
  • Prep Time:
  • Cook Time:


Warm Burnt Onion Salad

Chardonnay vinegar
Lemon verbena oil (see recipe below)
Fresh Lemon verbena sprigs
Grelot Onions (white and red)
300C Onions (see recipe below)
Maldon salt

300C Onions

Roscoff onions

Lemon Verbena Oil

100g Fresh lemon verbena
1L Sunflower oil


Little Kasai Konro Grill with Stainless Steel Frame

Sumi Bincho Charcoal (10kg Box)


The onions retains a lovely crunch whilst gaining the sweetness you get from a slowly roasted onion.

Warm Burnt Onion Salad

Slice the Grelot onions in half, dress with oil and salt. Char both sides on the BBQ
Dress the Grelots and 300C onion shells in the verbena oil, chardonnay vinegar and salt.
Garnish with some fresh verbena sprigs

300C Onions

Drop the whole onion on the edge of the embers so the skin starts to burn but doesn’t set on fire. Keep rotating the onion every 2 minutes, cook for approximately 8-12 minutes depending on temperature. The onions will continue to cook with the residual temperature once they have been removed from the BBQ.
Remove the skins from the onions and break the shells down into individual petals, cutting the larger pieces in half.

Lemon Verbena Oil

Bring the oil to 70ºC, drop the lemon verbena in and cover. Remove from the heat and leave to infuse until completely cool. Pass through a fine sieve.

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