Bertha – The Inka P600 Edition with Stand

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Bertha – The Inka P600 Edition with Stand is the mid-sized Inka and the most popular model. This strong, reliable and versatile charcoal oven has been designed and made in the UK where each piece of steel is laser cut, hand welded and hand assembled by skilled craftsmen.

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Oven Features


  • Designed & made in the UK
  • Made from 100% Sheffield Stainless Steel
  • Full stainless steel outer case
  • Mirror polished front
  • Fire Break and Fire Break Hat prevents sparks and safe for use under traditional canopies
  • Accurate 500ºC Inka analogue thermometer
  • Capacity to cook approx. 45-55kg meat per hour
  • Top and bottom air vents for two heat zones
  • Built in drip tray and ash pan
  • Stainless steel dome spring handles
  • Cooks 40% faster than a traditional open grill such as an a open fired Basque or Robata grill
  • Removable 12mm steel grate
  • Includes 2 x stainless steel grill shelves as standard
  • Includes 6 x shelf height options
  • Shelf dimensions: 545 x 430 (W x D) mm
  • Fully adjustable air regulator
  • In flue spark arrester
  • Caster wheels for easy mobility on the P300 with Stand
  • Dims: 1546 x 660 x 538 (HxWxD) mm
  • P300 with Stand includes an enclosed stainless steel cabinet with two shelves
  • 2 Year Parts and Labour Warranty

Why a Bertha – The Inka Edition oven?

Versatility is the key benefit of the Bertha – The Inka P600 Edition with Stand. Cooking over charcoal is strongly associated with cooking meat, but other dishes benefit greatly from the intense heat and distinct flavours.

The Bertha – Inka P600 Edition with Stand consists of a three piece stainless steel outer case giving it a beautifully polished robust look, making it the perfect showpiece for front-of-house cooking. Under the beautiful exterior is an insulated internal ‘fire box’. The ovens are specifically designed to maintain high cooking temperatures and avoid heat loss, meaning the oven can maintain the temperature for up to 7 hours with 5-7kg of charcoal.

The P600 comes with two cooking racks, a drip tray and its own ashtray, to enable charcoal to be cleared easily. The P600 also has a stainless steel cabinet on wheels, for seamless portability.

The 90º curve on the outer case is a single piece of stainless steel and is achieved using a press break – process that forms predetermined bends. This ensures extremely high build quality and a uniformity of manufacture.

Bertha – The Inka P600 Edition with Stand has a cooking capacity of 45-55kgs per hour and is appropriate for busy restaurants with a high proportion of the menu being cook on the Inka.

Grill Shelves: Bertha – The Inka P600 Edition with Stand comes with two stainless steel solid bar grill shelves, these can be positioned at different heights to vary the intensity of the heat and the cooking temperature.

Draft regulation: A draft regulator is used to regulate the amount of air in the cooking chamber. This allows users to regulate the desired heat and burn rate of the fuel.

Stainless Steel Stand Option: Bertha – The Inka P600 Edition with Stand comes complete with an enclosed stainless steel cabinet with two shelves, ideal for storing accessories, charcoal and ingredients.

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