Bertha Charcoal Oven – Stainless Steel

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Bertha Charcoal Oven – Stainless Steel

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The Ultimate Game Changer in Charcoal Cooking. This visionary British invention is taking the charcoal oven market by storm. It has been cooking up food from Britain to Bahrain and beyond and endorsed by Michelin star chefs and food critics. The Bertha Charcoal oven is suitable for restaurants, hotels & bars. Compact yet powerful and it’s revolutionising the way food is being cooked.

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Oven Features


Fire Break and Fire Break Hat prevents sparks and safe for use under traditional canopies


Fully weather proof / British Sheffield stainless steel


Cooks 40% faster than a traditional open grill such as an a open fired Basque or Robata style grill


Built in grease tray and ash pan and includes stand as standard


Dual bottom air vents for two heat zones


15 tray height options plus 2 grill racks as standard


Caster wheels for easy mobility


  • Accurate analogue thermometer on front
  • Capacity to cook approx. 90kg meat per hour
  • 2 year warranty
  • Fire up time 30 minutes
  • Performance 2-15hrs
  • Cooking temps 100ºC to 550ºC
  • Overall dims: 180 x 60 x 70cm (HxWxD)
  • Oven opening: 440 x 575mm (WxH)
  • Depth door to rear: 640mm
  • Volume: 161.9 litres
  • Width between shelf supports:393mm
  • Height from the surface of the lowest shelf to oven top: 512mm (possible to cook on embers)

Why a Bertha oven?

Bertha cooks evenly and quickly every time, yet retains moisture, adds flavour and taste while reducing serving time.

Temperatures and cooking times can be tailored to suit every different need – control and hold the temperature of Bertha throughout service.

Surprisingly tall cooking chamber with option of ceramic top shelf – has the largest cooking surface but is the smallest unit on the market

There is no end to how versatile the Bertha is – game, burgers, fish, scallops in their shells, lobsters, vegetables, pizzas, breads, half chickens and any variety of meat cuts, especially on the bone are cooked to perfection with a cooking time of 10 minutes and under

Cooking on a Bertha adds new and exciting ideas and flavours to your menu – works with any cuisine!

This one piece of equipment allows you to expand your offering, create a point of difference to your competitors and increase revenues.

Use the Bertha indoors and out – create the Bertha experience wherever you are. British design, British engineering, British made.

The Bertha Charcoal Oven has been designed and manufactured in the UK since 2008. Manufactured from 304 Sheffield Stainless Steel the Bertha is extremely versatile, allowing you to cook from 100ºC – 550ºC for sustained periods of time, thanks to its enclosed charcoal grill that ensures the food retains all its natural moisture and flavour, giving you unbelievably succulent, chargrilled food every time.

The Bertha charcoal oven is recommended for around 120 diners and has a daily charcoal consumption of 4 – 8kgs and a performance per load of 9 hours. Production per hour of 90kg average and a grilling temperature of 250 to 350ºC. The fire up time is 30 minutes. Simply build a small, loose pyramid of charcoal over one or two natural fire-lighters. Then, light the fire-lighters, make sure the top and bottom air vents are open, shut the door and leave it. In around 30 minutes it will be up to temperature.

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