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About Us

BERTHA (a trading division of Gastronomy Plus Ltd) are a visionary British company that have been taking the charcoal cooking market by storm since 2013. We are ‘revolutionising the way food is being cooked’. The 3 key benefits of cooking on charcoal are speed, moisture retention, flavour, as well as versatility and creativity.

Our 1st Charcoal Oven, “The Original”, was in 2013 where it has been cooking up food from Britain to Bahrain and beyond and is endorsed by Michelin star chefs and food critics alike. “The Original” Bertha Charcoal Oven design puts functionality and performance first. The size of the chamber, the high-grade stainless steel and the insulation are the key ingredients for the performance of the oven.

At Bertha we are always looking towards the future, and in 2019 we launched our British made Konro Grills, under the name “Kasai”. These Konro Grills are British made, but take inspiration from Japan. These lined box Grills are an obsession among a growing cult of chefs. When a meat’s fat and juices drip onto the Binchotan Charcoal, it creates a cloud of flavour that engulfs the food. You don’t get the flare-ups you do with normal charcoal, which create bitter, burnt flavours. The result is distinct from meat cooked any other way: an even sear plus a whisper of smoke.

In 2022, we also added “the INKA edition” of charcoal ovens to our portfolio. Designed and manufactured in our factory in Britain, these beautifully design charcoal ovens will add value to your menu. The INKA edition of Charcoal Ovens are the most high-performing and aspirational charcoal ovens on the professional market. The craftsmanship that goes into the build is beautiful, the exceptionally robust build quality empowers the chef to possess complete control over temperature.